Where the Green Grass Grows

This whole thing really is an adventure. I am ridiculously excited that as of today we have have 9 of this year's chickens laying, even though I'm not positive which ones are laying. We know it is May, Carmella, Pepper, Butterscotch, and Rae, and then #6 is a bluish-green egg that can really only be… Continue reading Where the Green Grass Grows


Heather Homesteader

That's right! You have Suzy Homemaker, Debbie Downer, Chatty Cathy, Rosie the Riveter, and now Heather Homesteader! Okay I would never have the guts to be a REAL homesteader without it being a necessity (I have to acknowledge the possibility of catastrophic things happening, crazy 500 year storms, power grid failures etc) but I am… Continue reading Heather Homesteader


The last few weeks have flown by! Wow. The garden is coming together, and it appears that summer is finally here to stay! So are the mosquitoes. We have been eaten alive every time we go out and there isn't at least a breeze. Brent finished up the garden fence last week, so hopefully most… Continue reading Bianca