Settling into a Routine

As much as I would like to say that we are settling into a routine, it is still only a goal that we are working toward. In some ways we have some bits of routine in place. Brent is usually up before me in the mornings and he goes out to feed the chickens and… Continue reading Settling into a Routine


Welcome Mr Butter

So this weekend was not nearly as exhausting as last weekend, but the week itself was crazy tiring. I managed to leave on Tuesday morning to head up to the old house. Tuesday and Wednesday nights were spent up there, and then I ended up driving back down on Thursday because I missed my critters… Continue reading Welcome Mr Butter


It is Monday evening and it is safe to say that we are TIRED, but that we have 4 happy cows in our pasture. OUR pasture being the operative part of that phrase lol Friday evening we picked up the truck as planned. It turned out to be a 3/4 ton instead of a 1… Continue reading Moo!