Squeee It is garden time garden time, garden garden garden time! We picked up the lumber for the first raised bed yesterday, and Brent put it together today. We also got the fence for this year’s garden. It is considerably scaled down from the original plan, but I figured that if I didn’t dial it back, there would be no garden. LOL So this will be something like a triangle garden with 50 foot sides. It will be slightly larger than that because we’ll be adding two gates, one large and one smaller, but we got three 50 foot rolls of fencing (would have gotten more, except that the store only had 3 on the shelf and no one would answer our page for help to see if they had more somewhere). We got some fence posts that should be able to handle the plastic fencing just fine, and Brent will put together a person gate and put in some additional wood posts for the gates in the next few days.

On my lunch break I went out and started moving things around. I will likely be using a bunch of my usual fabric pots, so we moved the first raised bed into the garden area, along with all of the fabric pots. I’ll plant a bunch of stuff in the ground too, but it likely won’t be inside the fenced area this year. I have to go back to the drawing board with which plants I’m putting in which containers for this year’s garden. I’ll have to see what room I have left to see if we are going to add additional raised beds this year or if I’m just going to make due with one and my fabric containers and the ground.

I got two pepper plants and two tomato plants yesterday, so I’d love to plant those today if I get that far. I have to dig the raised bed into the ground a bit, and then dump the old dirt out of the fabric pots into it. Will probably mix some aged manure in there, and a bag of dirt I got at the store, and then I can decide what to plant in there. The peppers seem to do pretty well in the fabric containers, so I think I will get those two potted into two fabric containers. I am toying with putting the tomatoes in the raised bed. I did not get enough bags of dirt to fill all of the fabric pots, so I may be out of luck for now on the other things that I want to plant in the pots. The other thing I’m a little concerned about is the temperature. Now, the past few days it has been super warm, and I think we’re past the danger of a hard freeze, but the night time temperatures could go into the 30’s late this week/early next week. Am I prepared to lose these plants that I just got? *sigh* I will need to think it through. I can’t exactly pick up the raised bed and bring it inside if the temps go too low. Now I *could* construct some kind of top for the raised bed or put the planted fabric pots on a four wheeler cart to go inside if the temps drop…Kind of like what I did at the other house with putting planted pots on carts and putting them in the garage at night and pulling them back out during the day. The “safe” date to plant outside is supposed to be the 30th, which is two full weeks away. I think I can probably plant some of the veggies without worrying TOO much. Sure would be nice if I had that greenhouse up. Then I could get everything started without worrying about temps! Oh well, patience Heather. Just think how nice it will be to have the greenhouse for this fall and for next year’s springtime garden prep. That is going to be great.

The line of irises that got transplanted and have soaker hose on them are doing pretty well. How do I know? THE FIRST ONES BLOOMED TODAY 😀 I’m so excited. I had my doubts as to whether any of them would bloom this year. It was quite the shock to them to be moved. I was overjoyed to see that earlier. I’ll post a picture of the blooming one, it is one of the pretty purple and white ones. I’ll be working on pulling out the weeds (they are purple mustard mostly, the pretty purple flower weeds) in between and right next to the iris, and then I’ll plant some marigold seeds (as well as other flower seeds, I have plenty lol) and put some more dirt there. Fingers crossed that I can get some other flowers growing there so we’ll have a strip of flowers there. Since most of my iris are just spring bloomers, it would be nice to have some additional flowers to compliment them on either side and in between.

I also worked on the flower bed that my mom and aunt started when they were out here. I put some bricks around as a border, added some dirt, added some decorations, and next is to add in the soaker hose that I got yesterday. I also got some other flowers that I need to decide whether to try them in the ground to get them established, or if I’m going to put them in hanging baskets or what. I have two hooks for hanging baskets up on either side of this little bed, and I like that it is protected from a lot of the harsh wind coming out of the north. I felt very accomplished after making that look a little prettier. It not only felt good to get my hands in the dirt a little, but it also helped me pull out some of my favorite garden decorations and find them new homes here at the new house.


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