No worries, we haven’t seen any tornadoes (*yet), but I realized this week that the movie Twister has whole new meaning to me now that we live where there are actually tornadoes.

I grew up in Conifer where our major safety concern was forest fires. Tornadoes were something that happened at trailer parks in Oklahoma, or in the movies! I love the movie Twister and I realized when I saw it in a bargain bin at WalMart that I didn’t have a copy of it, so I brought it home to add to our collection. (Side note: Now that we live in the country, we have satellite tv and during the last snowstorm I was reacquainted with the concept of needing to clean off the dish or we can’t watch tv. I used to have satellite tv and loved it, except for that whole snow thing. The last storm we had ice covering the dish and we had to watch movies because our satellite signal was completely gone. I think we could have watched stuff on the DVR if we wanted. Anyway, so it is nice that our movie collection is coming in handy!)

I like to have music or movies running while I work and so one of those movies recently was Twister. I realized almost immediately that because of our relocation to the plains, this movie was now part of my reality, not just cinematic entertainment.

One of the first neighbors that we met out here had moved from the Denver area like 5 years ago, and she mentioned being through their first tornado a couple of years ago. Then one of my friends mentioned on Facebook that she hoped we were getting ready for tornadoes. Now I watch Twister. Looks like I need to spend some time researching tornadoes and see what I know is right vs what is just anecdotal.

We have a NOAA/emergency radio, and I think our little cellar/basement will suffice as a tornado shelter. Aside from the dogs and cat I think the animals will just have to fend for themselves. We got the weather radio and Brent set it up, but until this week we didn’t know what its warning actually sounded like. Now I know. LOL I am not looking forward to being awoken in the middle of the night to that *sigh* Luckily the first time happened while I was in the house working, and it was not anything too alarming. There was a thunderstorm north/northeast of us, but I think it went off like 4 or 5 times that afternoon.

We will take any rain we can get out here because we know it is somewhat limited and there is so much more wind out here that it evaporates even more quickly than in town…but I am sure not relishing the thought of tornadoes and other severe weather. I was looking at my memories on Facebook the other day and saw that we had already been through our first hailstorm a year or two ago. I haven’t really even gotten the garden started yet, and I am already scared for it! LOL


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