Summer back into Winter?

A funny thing happened the other day. I had gone to town to get some groceries, and when I got home I parked the car in its usual spot. It was a gorgeous day, I saw Brent over by the barn and waved. As I was waving I saw a black animal moving and went… Continue reading Summer back into Winter?


Spring into Summer

My mom and Chuck were out here for Mother's Day, on their way to Illinois. Knowing a bit more about identifying plants than I do, I was happy to hear that one big bush we have out back is a chokecherry! We have a ton of wild plums, so the suggestion that Chuck had was… Continue reading Spring into Summer


No worries, we haven't seen any tornadoes (*yet), but I realized this week that the movie Twister has whole new meaning to me now that we live where there are actually tornadoes. I grew up in Conifer where our major safety concern was forest fires. Tornadoes were something that happened at trailer parks in Oklahoma,… Continue reading TWISTER!

This is just going to have to be a short entry. As you can see it is after midnight on Wednesday night and I have to get up early to drive to the old house. I wanted to do a quick one though because I have two things to talk about. One is the chicks,… Continue reading